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Bucks County Cabinet Shop - - Sowa Woodworking LLC. - Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities, Wall Units, Custom Doors, Windows, Cabinets. Working With The Regions Top Home Interior Designers, Luxury Custom Home Builders and Designers, Architects And Discerning Homeowners.

Serving The Premier Homes & Businesses In Southeastern Pennsylvania With Only The Finest In Individually Hand Crafted Cabinetry, Including Custom Wood Kitchens Cabinets, Custom Wood Windows, Custom Wood Doors, Custom Wood Design, Custom Closets, Custom Wood Living Room Cabinets, Entertaining Centers, Wood Fireplaces and Mantles, Custom Wood Ceilings and Wall Panels, Architectural Millwork, Custom Trim & Moldings.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Serving Bucks Montgomery County, Delaware Valley, Mainline, Pennsylvania, New Jersey - Sowa Woodworking LLC
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Bucks Montgomery County, Delaware Valley, Custom Wood Shop, Wood Ceilings, Custom Wood Doors, Custom Wood Living Room Entertainment, Wall Units, Custom Wood Library, Custom Closets

Sowa Woodworking LLC - Custom Wood Cabinet Shop Serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania, New Jersey With Premium Handcrafted Woodworking. 

Sowa Woodworking LLC Is A Custom Cabinet Shop Located In Bucks County, PA. Specializing In One Of A Kind, Custom Cabinets And Fine Woodworking. Each Hand Made And One Of A Kind. Serving From The Mainline To New Hope And Beyond.

You are doing your research, you know the looks and styles you like and realize, everyone is advertising they “Do Custom Kitchens”. Initially that may sound great, however, what Exactly does “Custom Cabinets” mean? For one thing, they Don’t all mean the same thing.
In the world of cabinetry there are three main types or categories of cabinets. 
Stock Cabinets, Semi-Custom Cabinets and Custom Cabinets.
The Differences Are Huge!

Stock Cabinets: Typically pre-fabricated in common sizes and can be a cost saving approach that are available fairly quickly and delivered on site. Installation is usually pretty quick, BUT, with Stock Cabinets, your are usually limited in the sizes and styles available. You have some options but probably not what you want or need and in many cases you will have to settle for what is available.

Semi Custom Cabinets: Are built once the cabinets have been ordered and received. There are selection of options, choices in a variety that the customer can then “Customize” as they desire. This allows more options than Stock Cabinets However, again your are limited to the confines of the catalogs, offerings that are pre-set. 
You can get option differences in fronts, depths, widths, you can match insides with outsides. It is similar to where you get a sheet of choices and that is what you have to choose from. 

Custom Cabinets: With custom cabinets each piece, cabinet, unit, face, drawer, are each custom handmade made, one at a time, unique to you, you’re wants, your needs, the look and style You Desire.

Custom Cabinets Require A Local Custom Cabinet Shop. Enter Sowa Woodworking LLC. - Bucks County, PA. Custom Woodworking Shop Serving Southeast Pennsylvania, From The Mainline To New Hope, In New Jersey From Princeton To The Jersey Shore.

Custom Cabinets Require A Local Custom Cabinet Shop. Enter Sowa Woodworking LLC. - Bucks County, PA. Custom Woodworking Shop Serving Southeast Pennsylvania, From The Mainline To New Hope, In New Jersey From Princeton To The Jersey Shore.

We have been working with architects, home designers, custom builders and discerning homeowners for decades. 
Sowa Woodworking LLC has the knowledge, equipment, and facilities to create Truly Custom Cabinetry. From the design to the box framing, doors, drawers and hardware, we know what works, what has the most appeal and what our client’s have come to expect from True Woodworking Artisans.

Custom cabinets offer the most choices and personal options and as such typically do cost more, BUT, your getting exactly what you want, the way you want it, and your not restricted to choices from a catalog.
This also allows us to create virtually anything in the space you have available and optimize your area.

When “Custom Cabinets” Are NOT Custom

Cabinet companies and woodshops some will offer what they call custom cabinets when in fact they do not manufacture the cabinets themselves. They will come out, measure, get plans etc. then order from the actual woodworking shop. Then they will assemble them at their local shop, then come out and install the cabinets. 
This often increases the chances of errors because often the architect, designer, custom builder or discerning homeowner cannot interact as much. This can also create additional costs and make final finish times farther out because the changes can not be made directly as the woodshop, they have to be returned, re-ordered, etc.
Again custom cabinets are not custom when your choices of materials, designs, are restricted, even though it is said to be a “Custom Woodshop” making “Custom Cabinets”. 
Sowa Woodworking LLC – True Custom Cabinetry And Woodworking From Concept To Finish
We are with you, your team, every step of the way. Starting with consultation, onto design and manufacturing of your custom woodworking project, to the final installation.

Working with the finest home designers, architects, custom home builders, the most discerning homeowners, we go that extra effort to understand the style you want, your needs, form, function, all resulting in the finest custom woodwork that stands far above the rest.

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